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Season 3

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Season 2

Sergey Levine
Etsy Mike Fisher
David Rolnick
Benedict Evans
Tanay Tandon Athelas
Cathy Wu MIT
07 - Ross Wightman FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL UPDATE 160222.png
08 - Alex Kendall FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL UPDATE 230222.png
09 - Flora Tasse FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 240222.png
11 - Jared Schrieber FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 150322.png
12 Shakir Mohamed FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 210322.png
13 Ayanna Howard FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 290322.png
14 Andrew Song FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 050422.png
15 Eric Horvitz FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL UPDATE 090422.png
16 Amit Prakash FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 180422.png
17 - Param Hegde FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 220422.png
18 Adam Bry FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 220422.png
19 - Gustav Söderström FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 050522.png
20 - Amit Aggarwal FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 120522.png
21 - Clement Delangue FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 220522.png
22 - Geoffrey Hinton FULL EPISODE THUMBNAIL 310522.png
23 Geoffrey Hinton - Robot Brains EP THUMBNAIL.png

Season 1

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Boris Krumrey
robot brains cover 7_Comp 14_2021-08-25_22.25.39.png
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Fei Fei Li.png
robot brains cover 7_Comp 13_2021-08-25_22.26.27.png
robot brains cover 6_robot brains cover 3_Comp 3_202_2021-08-25_22.01.09.png
robot brains cover 7_Comp 15_2021-08-25_22.32.58.png
robot brains cover 8_Comp 10_2021-08-25_22.52.58.png
robot brains cover 7_Comp 12_2021-08-25_22.28.44.png
robot brains cover 6_Comp 5_2021-08-25_22.47.59.png
Anca Dragan
Matanya Horowitz
Peter Puchwein
Ilya Sutskever
robot brains cover 7_Comp 4_2021-08-25_22.41.37.png
Chris Urmson

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